A Truly Heal Cancer Coach will help you to uncover the root causes of why you are sick.



Healing begins the moment you give the body, mind, and soul what it needs.


Healing requires that you change your lifestyle and reflect on the areas of your life that cause you discomfort and pain.

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You will release the parts of your life that are causing you to be sick and replace them with a renewed love and joy. Health and happiness IS your natural state of being.

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Paula is a great cancer coach. She has helped me so much!! I cannot thank her enough. She helped me to build a better version of myself, guiding me, listening and making suggestions that made my journey with cancer not scary and on the contrary, an opportunity to reevaluate my life and to enjoy it. I am on a path to recovery now and have a solid path in place to get there. I would recommend Paula to anyone who is going through cancer. Having her by your side through this difficult time is invaluable.

Maria Teshuba

Hiring Paula as a coach was one of the best decisions we made. She used her vast knowledge and acute perception to analyze our situation and to guide us on our quest for the cure. Paula was there for us every step of the way. Her genuine concern for John’s well being and her devotion made a huge difference for us and especially for me, as she helped me to cope during this difficult time. I highly recommend her services. My only regret is that we didn’t find her sooner…Thank you Paula!

Jindra Vylet

Jindra vylet

One on One 12 Week Sessions

Truly Heal Cancer Coaching is all about providing you with guidance, education and information.  To ensure that you get the personalized attention that is needed to heal, I must restrict the limit of people I coach to 5 clients over a three month time period.

This is what you get.

Week 1 Getting To Know You

  • Explain the Truly Heal Protocol and Program.
  • Introduce  the Truly Heal questionnaire.
  • Understand Cancer – What is it and why/how do I have/prevent it?

Week 2 Moving Forward

  • Questionnaire analysis.
  • Questions and answers.
  • Setting goals and assembling your team.

Week 3 Feed Me ~ Physical Body

  • Nourishing your body.
  • Laboratory testing.
  • How to change your inner environment so cancer doesn’t want to live there anymore.

Week 4 Symbiotic Relationships

  • Understanding the connection.
  • Immune, digestive, oral, endocrine, respiratory, urinary, menstrual, and cardiovascular health.

Week 5 Housecleaning

  • Detoxifying your inner environment.

Week 6 Housecleaning Phase 2

  • Detoxifying your outer environment.

Week 7 You Are Unique

  • Laboratory test results.
  • pH levels.
  • Essential nutrients.

Week 8 The Science of Natural Therapies

  • Immune modulating therapies.
  • Natural anti-cancer therapies.
  • Natural antibiotics
  • Energy medicine.

Week 9 Freedom To Choose

  • Medical treatments.
  • Sleep habits.
  • Exercise, drinking and dietary habits.
  • Toxic beliefs

Week 10 Your Higher Self

  • Gratitude and purpose.
  • Your inner genius.

Week 11 Do What You Love And Love What You Do

  • Pulling it all together.

Week 12 Incredible You!

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You now have a personal blueprint that you can use to Truly Heal your body, your life, and the world. This journey takes extraordinary courage and perseverance; it will inspire, empower, and teach you how to become a master of your own healing and life.

Please contact me if you would like a free 15 minute consultation.

Start healing now.