My mission is to help you heal so you can change the world.


Hi, my name is Paula Burchart, and I am a Truly Heal Cancer Coach,  chartered herbalist,  businesswoman, wife, mother and gramma. I am grateful to be able to help people prevent and reverse cancer using evidence based healing methods.

I have witnessed, in my own family, the devastation that follows a diagnosis of cancer. I watched my Mother suffer needlessly due to the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.  Only 5% of people who choose standard methods of cancer treatment are still alive after 5 years. My mother was not one of them. The pain of my loss was the driving force that led me to look for a better way.

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I am a country girl, and I like wide open spaces where my dog can run free and I can organic garden until my heart is content. I live what I teach and share my healthy lifestyle with my husband George, and daughter, Georgia. This beautiful boy is my grandson Jace.

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